We’re happy to announce that parentistretti.it is joining MyHeritage.com!

The parentistretti.it team is looking forward (as you can see on the photo), in particular about the new opportunities that arise for you as a user. We think this merger is the best solution for everyone, because as a company we are an even bigger and more reliable partner for your family and genealogy, and we can offer you a lot of new features.

The two main advantages that are arising right away for you is an even bigger database with 13 million family trees and 530 million profiles of potentially unknown relative of yours, as well as an extensive photo management system with new facial recognition technology, a simple sorting of photos, photo uploads from mobile devices like mobile phones and personal slideshows with sophisticated Zoom-technology.

Your data will be treated confidentially and is safe and free available under MyHeritage.com. The privacy policies of parentistretti.it are very similar to those of Myheritage.com and can be viewed here.

Both companies have the same ideas of simple, safe and reliable services to help families stay in touch with each other and explore their own ancestry. The complementary capabilities and markets of our two companies will make the individual experience between the teams more productive and resulting benefits and synergies will come very soon near you.

We will continue to offer you exciting and new opportunities to explore your family history and hope you drop by at MyHeritage.com.

You can read our press release here.

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  • Maria all' 28-04-2015 al 02:56 ora

    OMGosh!!! Another great idea! My kids are ALWAYS asking queotisns about my parent’s past .and I can’t always answer them. So, I say call them . I am soooo going to do this .great another project!!! They will LOVE it .grandparents and grandkids!!! Thanks Kristy!!

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